YouTube Shorts is making a play for TikTok's creators

YouTube challenges TikTok with shorts and how young Americans are getting the news

a new report From the Pew Research Center gives new insight into where Americans go to find news on social media.

Facebook remains the leading news site with 31% of Americans, followed by YouTube (25%), Twitter (14%), Instagram (13%), TikTok (10%), Reddit (8%), LinkedIn (4%) and Snapchat (4%), Nextdoor (4%), WhatsApp (3%), and Twitch (1%).

Demographics also play a major role in where Americans find the news.

The study indicated that 18-29 year-olds check Snapchat (67%), TikTok (52%) and Reddit (50%) for news, with women searching for news more often on Facebook, while sites like Twitter and Reddit more guys.

why does it matter: The Pew Research Center report is a good reminder that every social media service attracts different audiences — and if you’re targeting a younger demographic, you may need to expand your social media reach beyond TikTok.

YouTube TikTok challenges revenue sharing

Youtube Partner Program Expanded This week, which will allow short video creators to make more money from content uploaded to their platform.

The move is expected to challenge the rival TikTok Partner Program.

“This is the first time a real revenue sharing of a short video has been shown on any platform at scale,” said Neil Mahone, YouTube’s chief product officer, during an event to announce the news.

The Partner Program is available to order for creators with more than 1,000 subscribers who get 10 million views in 90 days.

In addition, the company’s new “Creator Music” program will allow creators to purchase “high-quality, affordable music licenses that provide them with full monetization potential.”

why does it matter: The move challenges TikTok with a richer portfolio of creators that are the lifeblood of both apps, and means brands need to be more thoughtful about incorporating not only TikTok or Reels, but also shorts into their strategies. YouTube Short also offers faster videos that are designed to be mobile friendly and appealing to new audiences. Creator Music will also protect brands from files Copyright Claims From enthusiastic music labels.

Adobe buys rival Figma

Digital design company Adobe increased its presence across the industry this week after buying rival Figma for $20 billion.

TechCrunch Reports That companies hope to create a simplified version of the best Adobe and Figma features from Adobe design to the Figma cloud-based environment.

“Adobe’s greatness is rooted in our ability to create new categories and deliver cutting-edge technologies through organic innovation and inorganic acquisitions,” said Shantanu Narain, Adobe Chairman and CEO, in a statement. “The combination of Adobe and Figma is transformative and will accelerate our vision of collaborative creativity.”

The deal is expected to expire in 2023.

why does it matter: Adobe’s latest move is yet another reminder for communication professionals to hone their Adobe design skills. The move with Figma should continue to improve the Adobe user experience in the cloud-based environment. It will also be interesting to see if the move affects Canva, which offers free basic design services that social media managers love.

Snapchat introduces new features

snap chat announce New ways to enhance in-app interaction, including:

  • Added new chat shortcuts to help manage unread messages and reply to Stories.
  • Added new quest stickers for stories, similar to the option already available in Instagram and other applications.
  • Added new lock screen widgets for easier notifications and access to Snap chats right from your home screen.
  • The desktop version of the application is available to all users.

why does it matter: Snap changes should increase the user experience and provide more tools for communications professionals in their posts. Keep an eye out for the new Question Stickers for Stories, which allow brands to ask followers questions to increase engagement.

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