NewsXPartners is expanding its pool of freelance writers with an additional 60 professional journalists

NewsXPartners is expanding its pool of freelance writers with an additional 60 professional journalists

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NXP, an advertising company, seeks to expand the range of interviewers, reporters, journalists, technical writers and editors

The NXP Writers Guild is also looking to recruit 3 junior editors, a number of apprentice junior writers, and a small number of apprentice undergraduates interested in careers in journalism”

– Susan Shears

New York, New York, United States, September 7, 2022 / – Susan Shears, Director of the Writers Guild at NXP (unincorporated division of NewsXPartners Corporation) and an experienced director of journalists and editors, today announced that the company intends to bring an additional 60 writers to the board in the last quarter of 2022. These writers, while being members of the NXP Writers Guild, will continue to retain their freelance work. the condition. Almost all new members will work remotely. The newly appointed group will be responsible for creating original content in the form of full articles for both traditional North American print media and online media news and reference sites internationally.

“In addition to these writers, the NXP Writers Guild is also looking to hire three junior editors and take on a number of entry-level book interns and a small number of undergraduate interns interested in careers in journalism,” Shears said. The resources, staff, and workload to keep everyone meaningfully engaged.” NewsXPartners Corporation is one of the few exceptional advertising companies owned and operated primarily by writers and creative professionals, and it produces a large number of informative articles covering health, wellness, and longevity, as well as a variety of other topics.

Shears commented, “It is especially difficult today to find competent journalists with the necessary complement of strong literary skills and SEO experience. The latter is becoming increasingly important as Google, with its ever-changing algorithm, has become dominant as a search tool. Many journalism and creative writing graduates are properly trained in the basic language skills and discipline necessary to write for an audience that is hungry for information and obsessed with facts.I value well-written poetry and literature as much as the next person, but the NXP Writers Guild needs experienced journalists.I am optimistic that we will be able to find On the individuals we are looking for, but I’m also sure it won’t be too easy.”


NXP actually got its start in 2006 as an informal behind-the-scenes association of freelance writers, reporters, journalists, publicists and public relations professionals working together to enhance the reputation of select clients and the brand. At the time, clients were mostly privately owned businesses in the northeastern United States, and the main media being tapped were traditional print newspapers and magazines.

Since then, NXP has become fully national in terms of the geographical location of its clients and is actively involved in all forms of electronic media, including digital publications, blogs and podcasts. It formalized its structure and was incorporated in 2022. NewsXPartners Corporation is privately owned by the founding members.

NXP Writers Syndicate is an unincorporated division of NXP that produces, provides and publishes widely readable topical content as well as sponsored articles and client-focused media features. For more information, or to contact NewsXPartners Corporation, send correspondence to [email protected]

Susan Shears
NewsXPartners Corporation
+1 516-279-2076
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