My Career: Writer and Editor Paul McLachlan

My Career: Writer and Editor Paul McLachlan

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
No, I wanted to be a fashion designer! Reading the likes of Tim Blanks, Susie Lau, Alexander Fiore, and many more, opened my eyes to the power of fashion journalism.

In college, I studied… arts at University College Cork, Joint Honors Degree in French Language and Politics. Nothing to do with fashion allowed me to broaden my understanding of other subjects and gave me a different skill set to advance to my job as a writer and editor. Fashion is moving online like never before. Digital acceleration means that many people will not even need to go to university to build a career. Education is a privilege and if you have the means to study something, you must.

My most formative work experience has been… cAssigning reports to a The New York Times Article and watch the exact editing that goes into the piece. Countless other experiences working with editors come to mind like Amy Werner at Paris Fashion Week from the inside Section and learn how to quickly transform stories at busy times of the year like Fashion Week. Sarah Maino gave me the opportunity to cover London Fashion Week for Vogue Italia For many years giving me unprecedented access to shows.

My first real job was… Fashion journalist! Alyssa Finnegan, former editor at Fashion designerIt gave me my first break.

The most important thing I learned early in my career was… hAving interests outside the fashion world. For me, this is travel, food, and movies. It is very important to spend time working on the arts in all its forms, as well as keeping up with the broader politics and culture.

A common misconception about what I do is… That’s all glamorous. it’s not. It’s long days, late nights, sometimes I work for free (and I’m lucky I don’t have to do that anymore), and you pour your capital into projects. It can be tiring but with good intentions the result is usually rewarding.

My main responsibility at work is… Draw out the current moment in fashion. I enjoy writing the profile parts because it allows you to better understand the topic and thus their work. If my job is to edit, that requires a keen eye and careful deliberation.

Do you have a career counselor or someone you look up to/ask for advice from? Elizabeth Patton, Amy Werner and Serge Carrera have been very generous and kind in sharing their experiences and knowledge with me. I like Robin Givhan’s (Washington Post) is the only journalist career to win a Pulitzer Prize for fashion coverage. It shows that something often considered easy or trivial connects each of us.

The biggest danger I’ve faced in my career so far is… Investing time and money from a young age in the hope that I can achieve my version of success in a challenging industry.

The first thing I do every morning… Check my email!

My morning routine is… Breakfast before following up on emails and writing stories.

I can’t go to work without… I work from home but I always believe that spending some time with myself before the day starts makes for a positive start.

On a normal working day… Work on different stories and communicate with PR about upcoming news. I write a monthly column for koybird And a monthly report to a retail consultant takes up a lot of my time in the weeks dating thinking about writing and editing.

I rest for lunch in… Midday you usually have something quick and easy like a salad.

The best part of my day is… I feel like I’ve accomplished the tasks I set out at the beginning of the day. As a freelancer, there is always a sense of guilt that you are not doing enough, considering the actions required to maintain your career. It’s the days when turning off your laptop feels like a breeze is the most rewarding.

I usually end my day at… 5 or 6 pm, but some jobs and clients ask me to work later in the evening.

Closed out of business by… I recently joined the gym and did yoga and pilates! I’m so lucky to have taken time out of the year to travel with friends too – next is Menorca!

Before I sleep, I… Spend a lot of time scrolling thoughtlessly on Tiktok!

After a long work week, I feel bad because… Spending time with friends, and not looking at anything work related. The life of a freelancer is erratic but I try to stick to the Monday-Friday schedule where possible.

The accomplishments I am most proud of are… The only menswear column in the Irish newspaper supplement launched, thanks to the awesome Vickie Maye! Overall, I am very proud of everything I have been able to achieve over the past 10 years. It’s hard work and having something to show in the form of an online or print article is something special.

If you want to get into my field, my advice is… Be open, kind, and persistent. Don’t take anything for granted. Get ready to work hard and maybe wait years until you get your “big break”. Keep moving forward, fashion is always about the “next thing”, but be sure to reward yourself and value your successes – whatever that may seem to you!

I just finished working… Editing version for a bi-annual fashion magazine, which comes out in October, and I’m currently working on my monthly deadlines, as well as planning for Fashion Month.

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