How to quickly fill content gaps in your strategy

How to quickly fill content gaps in your strategy

According to Byron White, founder and CEO of WriterAccess, their target market is “content marketers who are looking to make the world a better place with high-quality content as a leader.”

“That could be a Fortune 500 marketing director,” White Notes, “or a solo entrepreneur who is now a content strategist tasked with creating great content.”

No matter the size of your business, WriterAccess can set you up with a streamlined system to put your content marketing on speed.

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“Within a couple of months, we can pretty much move the client to automating what they do and not having to reinvent the wheel every time they want to create five blog posts for their website,” White says.

WriterAccess not only helps you find the best talent to start content marketing initiatives, but also offers a range of tools and training opportunities.

Triad force

“Strengthen your business or agency through what we call the power triad, which is specifically great talent, killer tools, and great training,” says White. “This is access to hundreds of sessions, keywords, and workshops that we’ve done, which are all aggregated within the Training Portal, just like our tools are all aggregated into the Toolkit, and our talents are aggregated into the Talent Portal.”

So, what exactly is included in each of these portals? lets take alook.

Gain access to over 20,000 hand-screened content marketers

through WriterAccess Talent Marketplaceyou will have access to more than 20,000 manual checks:

  • the book.
  • editors.
  • translators.
  • designers.
  • painters.
  • animation.
  • Content Strategists.

Each of these vetted marketers can easily help you craft your content strategy and see it through to completion, without having to leave the platform.

Take the guesswork out – feel confident in the choices of an independent marketer

All your future talents on the WriterAccess platform are star rated by customer reviews along with performance algorithms, which Eliminates guesswork and saves you time.

“We’ve made our point of being to do a really good job of not only screening talent, but also of tracking their performance, and we do that in a number of ways,” White says.

How Freelancers Are Screened in WriterAccess

WriterAccess’s freelance vetting process requires that all applicants be manually reviewed based on:

  • Background check.
  • Portfolio review.
  • Skills assessment.
  • References from previous clients.

These metrics are also used to check wage rates and the quality of work.

They even check IP addresses to verify a talent’s location, reducing any potential fraud risks.

There is also a very in-depth performance tracking process, which brings perspective to a freelancer’s work standard and level of consistency:

  • Does the talent meet, exceed, or fall short of expectations?
  • Did they deliver on time?
  • Did they ask for an extension?
  • How much exchange occurred between the freelancer and the client?

One important thing to note is that WriterAccess avoids penalizing writers for things like asking too many questions and making sure they keep up with the project’s goals. This is especially useful when the client is not able to fully articulate the goals of their project or the specific style and style they are looking for.

White points out: “You don’t want your performance algorithm to trigger a lot of negative performance characteristics that would be false claims.” “So all of this stuff has to be hand-demonstrated and reviewed by our talent managers on the platform.”

These kinds of protections show WriterAccess has the freelancer’s best interest at heart. What’s more, they offer the most competitive rates to ensure that they attract the best talent in the market.

WriterAccess marketers are always ahead of the curve

WriterAccess hosts an annual Content Marketing Conference (CMC), where customers, writers, and fans gather to learn what’s new and what’s next in content marketing. When the pandemic hit, CMC focused on the digital experience, allowing more than 14,000 people to attend virtually.

Later in 2020, WriterAccess launched a version of WriterAccess Academywhich offers a master’s degree in free content strategy to anyone interested.

The dynamic toolkit integrates with Semrush, Surfer SEO, Shutterstock, and more

In addition to the freelance job market, WriterAccess also offers a variety of Intuitive Tools To help advance your content strategy.

  • Content strategyCreate everything from customer journey maps to creative briefs to characters, all from within the platform.
  • SEO IntegrationThe tools portal also includes integrations with partners such as Surfer SEO, Semrush, and SpyFu.
  • Access premium stock photography: With Getty Images, Shutterstock, and more, you will be able to access a premium selection of images and optimize your content for search engines.
  • teleconference toolsAdvanced voice recording, conference calling and translation services help connect you directly with talent. Sometimes the most effective way to convey your ideas and communicate your vision for a project is to talk to the freelancer – and these tools help greatly with that.
How to quickly fill content gaps in your strategyScreenshot from, September 2022

Perhaps the coolest and most unique feature is artificial intelligence toolwhich uses artificial intelligence to help you match talent with the exact tone and style of the writing sample you create.

And of course, once your content is published, WriterAccess has content analytics available to measure how it’s performing on the web.

Whitelabel Content Marketing Platform for Agencies

As a former content marketing agency itself, WriterAccess is uniquely qualified to address the agency’s weaknesses.

“We have different tools that agencies can use versus, say, small businesses. Agencies have a different set of problems and challenges,” White says.

One such example is the White Label portal provided within the platform.

With this feature, agencies can hire WriterAccess writers to primarily scrawl for clients they create for them.

Agencies can also configure portals for their clients to log in, where they can approve, reject, and provide feedback on the content being created. This allows the agency to remain the primary facilitator of relationships, with WriterAccess as their white label solution.

Author access pricing

Of course, as we highlight many of the features available in this powerful system, you might be wondering, “How much is that?”

WriterAccess creates software for use by SMBs and global brands alike – and this level of inclusion is reflected in the pricing.

Memberships with WriterAccess range from just $39 per month for the Basic plan, to $99 per month for the Premium plan. While the organization’s plans are determined on a case-by-case basis, White stresses the importance of keeping these rates equally reasonable for the services provided.

“We don’t want to charge three to five thousand dollars a month for an enterprise-wide solution to use our software, just because it’s an enterprise,” White says. “We’ve had a different attitude — we’re like, ‘Let’s make our program more accessible to everyone. “

Why WriterAccess?

There are plenty of freelance job market options, so why choose WriterAccess?

“I think the difference is in our philosophical approach to the market, where we take an idea-driven, platform-centric, process-driven business,” White says.

Attention to detail is ultimately what separates WriterAccess from the competition and makes it worth the investment. Every step of the process is well thought out and no one is left behind. Whether you are a small business, organization, or agency, you can trust that your WriterAccess experience will be taken into account.

It’s also clear that WriterAccess understands independent client interaction considerations. Clients are not only guaranteed access to the best tools and services, but the self-employed are paid fairly and protected from unfair ratings.

“Our talent gets the best prices, and our clients get the best software,” White says.

The only thing that really stands out is 100% delight guarantee. With this offer, WriterAccess gives you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong in your dealings with a freelancer, you’re covered, no matter what.

“From day one, we’ve ensured the quality of our work,” says White. “If you are not satisfied with even one article, we ask that you tell the writer what is wrong with it, so that the writer can see where they went wrong and try to fix it. But if they fix it and it is not to your liking, you won’t pay, period. End. No questions asked” .

For anyone looking to save time, energy, effort, and money in connecting with top-tier content creators and getting quality results, a service like WriterAccess is invaluable.

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