GoGuardian has acquired TutorMe, which provides one-to-one online lessons to students across the US

GoGuardian has acquired TutorMe, which provides one-to-one online lessons to students across the US

New Orleans–(work wire) –ISTE 2022 – GoGuardian, the leader in education technology that helps create more effective and secure learning environments, today announced the completion of its acquisition of TutorMe, an online education solution that provides access and opportunity for all students. With the addition of TutorMe to GoGuardian’s suite of education solutions, nearly 25 million students of the year K-12 – one in two – now benefit from GoGuardian technology as part of their learning journey.

middle talk noticeable request For teaching services in K-12 education, TutorMe has tripled its customer base and team in the past two years. Along with GoGuardian solutions for classroom management, engagement, and student safety, TutorMe expands GoGuardian’s mission to accelerate positive learning outcomes for all students.

“The demand for supplemental academic support has never been greater, and schools need every tool at their disposal to support students and teachers,” said Advit Shinde, CEO of GoGuardian. GoGuardian and TutorMe share a commitment to changing the education landscape so that learning is more convenient, effective, and equitable for all students. We are excited to join our teams in order to better support the students, schools, and districts we serve.”

TutorMe provides one-on-one services, 24/7, to over 1.5 million students in over 300 subjects. The on-demand platform mirrors a one-to-one learning session with live video and audio functionality. TutorMe makes personalized learning support easy and affordable so that all students – regardless of their resources, background, or location – have equitable access to high-quality private lessons.

“GoGuardian is a natural pairing of TutorMe due to our shared goal of supporting positive learning outcomes for all students,” said TutorMe CEO and Co-Founder Myles Hunter. “TutorMe has seen a 600% rise in demand during the pandemic, and students continue to face the effects of learning challenges associated with the pandemic. Joining forces with GoGuardian presents a unique opportunity to reach students with personalized academic support whenever and wherever they need it.”

As back-to-school season approaches and the next critical year for educators to help students bridge learning gaps related to the pandemic, TutorMe and GoGuardian are also announcing an offer of 50% off the first year of their TutorMe Equity plan for the first 50 school district partners from kindergarten through education High school students who sign an application form for the TutorMe Equity Plan during the period beginning on June 27 and ending on August 30, 2022. The intent of this offer is to offer high-quality, on-demand tutoring even more accessible to the primary and secondary education districts that provide TutorMe as a free service to their students . District leaders interested in the offer can find out the full details of this offer, including eligibility requirements and exclusions, at https://tutorme.com/iste-22.

To learn more about GoGuardian, please visit www.goguardian.com.

To learn more about TutorMe, please visit www.tutorme.com.

About GoGuardian

GoGuardian is on a mission to enhance human capabilities by creating the ultimate learning platform. We help thousands of K-12 schools and districts maximize each student’s learning potential by enabling more productive, effective, and safer digital learning. Learn more at goguardian.com.

About TutorMe

TutorMe is an on-demand online education platform that enables students of all ages, backgrounds, and learning styles to get the personalized support they need to achieve their academic goals. Trusted by thousands of schools across the country, more than 1.5 million students have free access to 24/7 one-on-one expert guidance on over 300 topics, plus a writing lab for fast, detailed feedback on papers. Since 2015, TutorMe has been an invaluable resource for K-12 districts, higher education institutions, employers, and nonprofits, closing learning gaps, increasing education equity, and improving student outcomes.

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