Fall Band Is Back: 4 Big-Picture Storylines on the 2022 BOA Slate

Fall Band Returns: 4 Big Story Facts on BOA’s 2022 roster

Jeff Griffiths is a freelance writer and analyst at FloMarching throughout fall and winter.

Team America season has arrived. it’s a previously over here.

It’s hard to believe, really, given that just a couple of days ago, drum bands were breaking up at the end of summer, giving way to the fall months and fall band season.

Wait, wasn’t that just a couple of days ago? are you sure? positive? Wow, okay. moving forward.

Autumn marching bands season—like any other season, meaning the part of the year in which an event, activity, or community takes center stage—has its specific characteristics that make it special.

The leaves are colored for most of the season. Cold summer drinks give way to hot coffee – sometimes it’s seasonal, if you’re a fan of that type of coffee. There’s some crispness in the air – and unlike any other part of the year-round march cycle, this cold doesn’t get much warmer as the season progresses.

Sure, it’s a special kind of pain to hit the edge of the drum with cold fingers, but there’s just something special about the shivers under the warmth of a heavy band jacket while you and your teammates wait for the scores to be announced after the entire day of competition.

That’s enough for your hairdo for the day, but if it’s not obvious – there’s a lot to be excited about this BOA season. Here are just a few examples:

1. Tons of Texas

This year’s America’s Team roster features plenty of action in the Lone Star State. And when talking about a country that produced six Out of the 12 finalists for the 2021 Grand National Championship, that’s with good reason to be excited.

The first BOA events in Texas take place right out of the gate, with the opening weekend competition scheduled for September 17th at McAllen, followed by two events on September 24th in Shenandoah and Austin.

As always, the BOA schedule features top-ranked venues in Texas like Baylor University in Waco (October 29) and Almodome in San Antonio (November 4-5). The latter is set to feature eighty-two bands, as of July 18, per the Music for All website.

If you prefer the Texas band, you’ll have more than your fair share of the BOA 2023 squad.

2. On campus

Personally, I always think it’s great to see marching music go to great, big venues – college grounds, in my opinion, are some of the best places to get involved in this activity.

The 2022 Bands of America organizes 13 unique locations, in three different time zones, the main purpose of which is to host football matches at the Division I level or higher. Many are among the top tier by program size – Louisville, Rutgers, Wake Forest, and Baylor mentioned above, to name a few.

3. Outside the West

In terms of the overall “squad” conversation, there is a continuing trend that is taking most of the light on teams in and around Indiana and Texas. To be fair, these two nations combined to produce nine of the 12 BOA finalists at last year’s Grand Nationals.

But make no mistake, there is a high-quality, high school-level marching band taking place across the country, and the 2022 BOA record hits more than its fair share of those corners.

The East Coast gets a pair of weekends in the sunshine with events at the University of Delaware (October 8) and Rutgers University in New Jersey (October 29). In the West, bands have the opportunity to perform at key venues in New Mexico (September 17), Arizona (October 1), and Utah (November 5).

Much of the widespread focus among those who follow the Team America season ends up in the schedule marquee event, but one of the most exciting characteristics of the BOA season is undoubtedly the national scale and spotlight.

4. Defend the title

This guy is looking down the road on the road, but the Bands of America’s Grand National Champion Broken Arrow High School (Okla.) defender is scheduled to return to the season-ending event in Indianapolis in November.

Broken Arrow set the all-time record for a Bands of America championship event in 2021, and he will appear at several BOA events in his season as the reigning champion, including, also, the St. Louis Super Regional, October 14-15.

The 2019 Grand National Champion, Vandegrift High School (Tex.) did not attend the 2021 event, so Broken Arrow’s attempt to defend her gold medal would be the first time the squad has had the opportunity to do so since the end of Carmel High School’s three. The year-round winning streak ended in 2018.

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