Discover the largest bear ever caught in Tennessee

Discover the largest bear ever caught in Tennessee

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black bears Made a giant comeback Tennessee After spending the higher a part of the twentieth century in decline. As a result of devoted conservation efforts, bear searching has additionally returned to the state, partially as a manner to assist management rising bear numbers. Some home bears develop to essentially spectacular sizes. Learn on to find the most important bear ever caught in Tennessee!

The biggest bear in Tennessee

It’s believed that the most important bear ever caught in Tennessee weighed 735 kilos.

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Though Tennessee doesn’t hold official dimension information for black bear kills, the most important bear ever caught in Tennessee may very well be the one killed by a bunch of hunters from Woodsviking Open air. The bear in query weighed 735 lbs. Taken by hunters in October 2021 close to Fonor in Monroe County.

A couple of other mass killings Value mentioning. The primary was a black bear that weighed over 600 kilos and set a document on the time of its seize. The hunter took her in Carter County. One other group of hunters from Butler County in Johnson County shot a black bear estimated to weigh at the very least 625 kilos. It was so massive that they could not take away all of it and needed to settle into the top, cover, and genitals.

In March 2022, the Tennessee Wildlife Assets Company (TWRA) Transporting a 500-pound black bear From the College of Tusculum Greenville to the Cherokee Nationwide Forest. The bear, Large Bruin, suffered no accidents within the course of. It brought about some property injury within the space, precipitating resettlement.

Varieties and look of the Tennessee bear

A black bear in the water brings its front paws to its face
The black bear is the one species of bear in Tennessee.

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American black bear (Ursus americanus) It’s the solely kind of bear that lives in Tennessee. Two different kinds of bears reside in North America, specifically brown bear (Ursus arctus) and the Polar bear (Ursus maritimus). grizzly bears (Ursus arctos horribilis) It’s a subspecies of the brown bear.

Most black bears in Tennessee are black with a tan muzzle. Some people can also expertise white blazes on their chest. Notable levels in different areas of North America embrace cinnamon, brown, white, and bluish-grey. Since some black bears are brown, they are often mistaken for grizzlies. Nevertheless, grizzly bears have a hump on their shoulders, whereas black bears don’t.

Tennessee black bears develop as much as three ft tall on the shoulder and 6 ft lengthy from nostril to tail. Adults often weigh between 125 to 600 kilos with the females being considerably smaller than the males. Bears often attain their heaviest weight in late summer time or early fall the place they congregate for the winter.

Habitat of the black bear

Black bears primarily choose forest areas with dense cowl, typically in mountainous areas. In Tennessee, there are two important populations. These embrace the Appalachian inhabitants, which runs alongside the Tennessee-North Carolina border, and the Cumberland inhabitants, which runs alongside the Tennessee-Kentucky border within the north of the Cumberland Plateau.

What number of black bears are there in Tennessee?

A mother gently holds her cub while lying on the grass
There are roughly 5,500 to six,000 bears in Tennessee.

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A 2020 examine of 4 states discovered that there are roughly 5,500 to six,000 black bears in Tennessee. The inhabitants continues to rise together with the inhabitants, which can result in extra human-bear interplay. Even latest will increase in annual bear crops haven’t brought about black bear numbers to say no.

As with many different states, Tennessee skilled a pointy decline in black bear numbers after the arrival of Europeans. The settlers hunted bears for meat and fur to forestall them from harming their households and livestock. Sadly, unregulated searching and habitat loss has worn out bears from all however 11 of Tennessee’s mountain counties. Protected areas inside Nice Smoky Mountain Nationwide Park and the Cherokee Nationwide Forest contributed considerably to the species’ survival in Tennessee within the Thirties. Nevertheless, the inhabitants continued to say no through the Sixties.

Within the Seventies, severe conservation efforts to save lots of black bears started within the state. This included cooperation with different states that shared a few of their black bear populations with Tennessee. One profitable conservation technique concerned pushing bear searching seasons later within the yr to forestall extreme harvesting of females. This technique was based mostly on the truth that feminine black bears are likely to denial earlier than males.

As of 2016, the IUCN It lists black bears throughout North America as being of least concern.

It’s authorized to hunt black bears in Tennessee with a license. Laws could permit or prohibit searching with canine relying on particular seasons and areas. There are presently 5 searching areas: Zones 1 by way of 4 plus a transitional zone. Nevertheless, it’s unlawful to kill cubs weighing lower than 75 kilos. Look Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency For extra details about seasons, rules and licenses.

Are black bears harmful?

Black bear showing teeth
Though black bears are usually shy, they’ll nonetheless be harmful.

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Black bears are often shy of people, and like to maintain them to themselves. Nevertheless, they’re additionally curious by nature, particularly about meals. Black bears can adapt to people by way of frequent contact or due to meals sources. In these instances, they could turn into intrusive or aggressive. It’s important to keep away from feeding bears, both deliberately or unintentionally, to forestall habituation and doable harm or dying.

When out within the wild, specialists suggest slowly backing away from a close-by bear to keep away from a harmful encounter. If the bear responds to you or chases you, stand your floor and attempt to scare it off. Should you assault, do not play lifeless. As an alternative, combat to point out that you’re not simple prey.


To study extra about bear security and coexistence with black bears, go to the TWFA webpage, Black bears in Tennessee. You can too verify Bear Wise For extra security ideas for black bears in North America.

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