Are Top Tier Law Schools Pulling Away From US News Because Of Concerned Action Or Concerted Action?

Are top-tier law schools staying out of the US news because of concern or concerted action?

Amazon. The Google. meta. The mere point out of those corporations makes the antitrust legal professionals’ ears perk up Like Eminem in rhyming lyrics with idiom buff. There may be additionally nothing stunning, the antitrust problems of those market giants It was discussed well in the past. However Yale, Harvard and Stanford? They could even be the brand new rhyme and the reason for the Sherman Code rage.

[Y]ale Legislation Faculty final week Withdrawn From the US information rankings. After a short interval, HarvardAnd the BerkeleyAnd the George TownAnd the ColombiaAnd the StanfordAnd the Michigan Affiliated lawsuit. Would these universities threat violating antitrust legal guidelines by withdrawing from US Information’ rankings?

If regulation colleges independently choose out of US information scores, it can not represent a violation of the Section 1 of the Sherman Act, which applies solely to commerce restriction agreements. However If the parallel withdrawal of regulation colleges hides an settlement amongst them to boycott US information scores, that settlement is more likely to be anticompetitive to hurt the standard of competitors between regulation colleges. (emphasis me)

If daring, underline, and italics do not provide you with a touch, that is big but. As anybody who’s attached with a pal at promenade whereas nonetheless wanting to maintain your tryst underneath wraps has recognized, the events concerned going out at numerous occasions may be a canopy for previous conduct. Though Yale and their ilk have given causes for his or her exodus, there are causes for this Motivations as well as finally interest in students of the general interest It might be an activation of their orderly withdrawal. Though it’s troublesome to find the subterranean parts beneath the obvious content material, there are helpful heuristics for doing so:

Antitrust officers may additionally study whether or not regulation colleges acted opposite to their financial pursuits by withdrawing from the rankings, asking a primary query: Is every regulation college’s choice to exit the U.S. Information scores irrational however to know that their closest rivals are certain to comply with go well with? If the reply is “sure,” the enforcers can conclude that there’s an settlement between the colleges to kind a boycott in opposition to the classification.

It is a bit odd that Yale would complain that US Information’ metrics would undervalue it at a time after they had been accepting the glass ceiling first place…and that colleges like Harvard and Stanford, which have competed for first place for much too lengthy, may even select to drop out when an influence vacuum seems too apparent. However what do I do know? I simply obtained my JD from Washington College in St. Louis, a college that may now by default be within the prime 14 because it supposedly dumps its information into the default regulation college rating system. Go bears.

Antitrust and Law Colleges Exit from US News Rankings [The Reg Review]

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