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10 Interesting Online Jobs You Might Not Hear About

Have you ever wondered if there is a unique job profile tailored to your skill set? Let’s say you’re an expert at spotting spam in search results and understand what makes a good landing page, but you’re not a webmaster.

Or you have a keen ear to identify good musical arrangements and predict the next chart. Or, you are an expert meme creator. Do you think someone would pay for these skills? Below is a list of unique and rare job profiles that are well paid, legitimate, and usually not on the public radar.

1. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators evaluate search engine results pages for user queries based on Google’s guidelines. This feedback improves the performance of the Google search index and helps its engineers improve the search algorithm based on the data collected.

To become a search engine evaluator, you must be an expert in technology, have an understanding of how the World Wide Web and search works, have a good internet connection, and a device to work on. You can apply for this position via I showAnd the TelusAnd the SykesAnd the Lionbridgeetc.

2. Music references

Music reviewer is a job that includes surveying and reviewing music and related products. Instead of reviews after a product launch or launch, this profile helps musicians, record companies, etc. make decisions based on the wisdom of the audiences.

You will write reviews for audio clips, merchandise, music arrangements, etc. The sponsoring brand or musician will be able to make important decisions based on audience response – survey results, and comments – reviews. You can apply for this position via SlythebyAnd the Expect HitAnd the Research.fmetc.

3. Virtual juror

Virtual jurors earn money by providing insights, commentary, and reviews on interesting legal issues. The opportunity to work remotely requires you to read legal papers and case summaries and respond with your opinions based on the guidelines provided.

You must be a resident of the United States, over 18 years of age, and provide personal data to qualify for this position. If you fit the demographic profile, you will be invited to serve as one of the virtual jurors in the case. Tasks take 20 to 60 minutes to complete, and payments range from $20 to $60. You can apply for this profile via Ruling OnlneAnd the eJuryAnd the Virtual juryetc.

4. Medical coder

Medical coders read clinical documents and reports and assign alphanumeric codes to all professional medical services such as inpatient facilities, surgical procedures, etc., using a modular classification system. You will act as a medical auditor for services provided to patients and check their records for billing and insurance claims.

To become a medical programmer, you will have to obtain certifications in standard healthcare code classification systems such as ICD-10-CMAnd the ICD-11, and so on. Most medical programmers work remotely. You can apply to this profile via popular job application sites like monsterAnd the ZipRecruiteretc.

5. Underpayment Analyzer

The primary responsibility of an underpayment analyst is to keep track of unpaid bills for healthcare services, loan repayments, etc. You will need to read case files, update management, make phone calls, send emails, and report on payment receivables trends.

A high school diploma and decent communication skills are enough to land a job as an underpaid analyst. With experience, you can move up the career ladder to higher positions. You can apply to this profile via job portals like In factAnd the Simply contractetc.

6. Analyst listening for employee surveys

The role of the employee survey listening analyst is to improve workforce performance, listen to employee issues and feedback, and develop robust solutions to improve performance in the workplace.

A degree in industrial or organizational psychology is a good starting point for branching out into this role. It is a specialist job profile with positions in diverse areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Fleet Management, Enterprise Solutions, etc. You can apply to this profile via LinkedInAnd the Angel.coetc.

7. Stylist Prop

Prop designers are responsible for the aesthetics of a photography or videography session. They arrange the props on the set in visually pleasing ways to maximize their impact in photos and videos. Fashion, lifestyle, food, and interior design are a few of the major industries that use prop designers in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

You do not need a formal education to become a media designer. All you need is a compelling portfolio or experience in the field. Instagram, TikTok, etc., are excellent platforms to show your creativity, get a following, and then apply to these jobs based on the popularity of your posts. All major job portals advertise openings for prop designers in various industries.

8. Webtoons writer

If you love creating comics as much as you love reading them, you can start a side hustle as a Webtoons writer. All you need is a story and decent drawing skills. Sign up with sites like WebtoonsAnd the tapasAnd the Lisinos, etc., and start posting your comics. These sites are similar to Patreon, but they are dedicated to publishing comic books.

You’ll need to take charge of everything from storyboarding to drawing, coloring, tagging, uploading files, adding titles, thumbnails, etc. You can use our free drawing and coloring tools to create your own animation. Turn this into a full-time gig based on your readers, popularity, and sponsors.

9. Virtual Trivia Host

Working as a professional virtual event host is what this job entails. Excellent hosting skills, interpersonal skills, decent general knowledge, good sense of humor, and ready intelligence come in handy when applying for this position.

It is a rare and unique job profile offered by companies like Trivia CenterAnd the funny work, etc., that cater to large companies and private groups looking to host public events with the help of a professional host. Event companies like spurkle It also employs Virtual Trivia Hosts to cater to public and private gatherings. You can also rent one when hosting information quizzes on Zoom with friends.

10. Meme Master

If you love creating memes, keeping up with trends and current affairs, and tend to make silly jokes out of regular news stories, then this job might be for you. Some companies pay people to follow news cycles and create memes on the go to promote their brands, products, services, etc., using trendy and viral memes.

Experience in social media and a host of clever memes are the only requirements to apply for this position. Digital Marketing Agencies Like lamingtonAnd the Zippo Digital, etc., view these job profiles. Altcoin startups, fashion brands, and brands across various industries are also offering this position on a part-time or contract basis.

Discover more unique job opportunities

Although these are unique, rare and generally unknown job profiles, the list does not end here.

You can find other unique job opportunities based on your skill set by browsing job portals, using keyword research tools, or just searching Google for the job title you think should be legitimate. You may discover a unique business opportunity that can change your life.

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